Department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management

For decades, Bangladesh has been known as the country of natural calamities. This little country of South Asia has seen uncountable casualties from cyclones, floods, landslides and other disasters in the last centuries. Bangladesh has a long coast with The Bay of Bengal, which brought prosperity as well as disasters to this country. Noakhali is one of the coastal districts of Bangladesh and its inhabitants have watched numerous cyclones hit them. However, it's people have learnt the lesson of life and now Bangladesh is considered as a role model in disaster management.

Faculty Members

Jayanta Kumar Basak

Assistant Professor & Chairman


Mobile: +8801713 410793

Mr. Md. Mahinuzzaman

Assistant Professor (Study Leave)

Shahriar Md Arifur Rahman

Assistant Professor

  • Climate models
  • Coastal geomorphology
  • Geospatial techniques and modelling
  • Environmental Branding


Fax : +880-032162788,
Skype: arifshahriar


So far I have contributed to courses on Ecology, Limnology and Oceanography, Meteorology and Climatic Processes, Hazard and Disaster Management, Global Warming and Climate Change, GIS and Remote Sensing.

Shurovi Zaman

Assistant Professor

Md. Shiblur Rahaman

Assistant Professor

  • Water quality Assessment
  • Water resources issues and management
  • Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Natural Water
  • Wastewater Treatment and Waste Management


Fax : +880-032162788,
Skype: shiblu.rahaman

Nandita Sarker

Assistant Professor


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